DeRobert & The Half-Truths Bio:

DeRobert & The Half-Truths are the house band for Nashville
independent label,
G.E.D. Soul Records.  Since 2008, the band has
been hard at work both in the studio and on the road honing their
brand of raw soul and heavy funk with several well received
recordings and an energetic live show.  The Half-Truth's live show
is a sucker punch style of soul revue in which the band quickly
jumps from one song to the next with little downtime for maximum
showmanship.  Over the past 3+ years, the band has been steadily
growing it's fan base, winning over hard-nosed soul fans in the U.S.
and abroad with DeRobert's powerful voice and the band's unique
brand of soulful syncopation.  Their recordings prove they're up to
snuff, their live show drives that point home. One listen and you'll
see why there is no band quite like DeRobert and his mighty
DeRobert & The Half Truths
The Coolin' System have rightfully earned the title
of Music City's "Champions of Soul-Jazz".  The
seven piece combo got their start in 2008 when
what started as a weekly jam session turned into
a full on exercise in molten hot jazz and soul.  
Since those heady early days in Nashville, the
band has built a serious following among the
city's more hip soul and R&B fans with their
scorching live shows.  In 2010, the Coolin'
System released their first recording on 45rpm
vinyl through G.E.D. Soul Records and their
unqiue take on some of the genre's classic
arrangements began to catch the ears of soul
music lovers around the world.  In 2011, they
released their phenomenal debut full length
album on G.E.D. Soul.  What started as a musical
oddity in Nashville, Tennessee has since evolved
into a soul jazz tour de force, helping people get
down on a world wide scale.  
The Coolin' System
Sky Hi has been kicking around the Southeast for
some time now, leaving behind them a swath of
weak kneed, sweaty funk fans in their wake.  
Building on a mixture of Funk, soul and latin
elements, the Sky Hi crew craft a sound that is
unique in it's approach and delicate in it's subtle
nuances.  Sharing some of the same musicians
as the
Half-Truths, we know you're going to dig
this group's super-hype dynamics.

G.E.D. Soul is proud to be the home of the
group's first ever 7inch releases as well as their
phenomenal new LP which is now available

Check out their
facebook page for a taste of their
sweet, sweet grooves.
Sky Hi
Magic In Threes

Formed as a Half-Truths side project in the Fall of 2010, Magic In
Threes is an instrumental combo specializing in pyschedelic
cinematicsoul.  Heavy on atmosphere and dilectable beats, MI3
take soul music to a different level altogether. 12-track debut boasts
all original kaleidoscopic instrumentals featuring special guests
the Coolin' System's J. D. Douglas and Mikie Martel completing the
horn section and Andy Brown on guitar.

Magic In Threes debut full length is now availalbe from G.E.D. Soul

This newest addition to the G.E.D. Soul roster is
another all star group of sorts.  Featuring AJ Eason
the Coolin' System) on the mic along with Tim
Hawkins (
Sky Hi) on bass, Andrew Muller (The
) on guitar, Pablo Ahogado (the Coolin'
) on keys and D. Singleton (Half-Truths, MI3,
Sky Hi
) on drums.  The Jiggawatts bring a unique
brand of "Rock n' Soul" to G.E.D. that is both heavy in
the rhythm department and smooth on the soulful

This group gets
AJ & The Jiggawatts