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DeRobert - Got the Goods EP

The first solo release from DeRobert Adams features organically crunchy beats by longtime DeRobert collaborator Nick DeVan alongside the well know vocalists' killer chops.  The result is an excellent EP featuring DeRobert's signature soul sound heading in a more modern direction.


Produced by Nick DeVan and DeRobert Adams

Mixed by Nick DeVan

Mastered by Frank Reynolds

Lyrics by DeRobert Adams, Nick DeVan and Quin Frierson


DeRobert Adams - Vocals
Nick DeVan - Keyboard, Drums, Guitar
Sam Farkas - Guitar
David Guy - Bass
Andrew Muller - Guitar
Dave Singleton - Bass, Guitar, Keyboards
Larissa Maestro - Cello
Eleanor Denig - Violin
Kirk Donovan - Trumpet
Mikie Martel - Flugel Horn
Andrew Hagen - Saxophone
Jody Douglas - Flute
Al Holbrook - Keys
Karim - Vocals

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