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After nearly two years in production, Sky Hi feels they’ve let “Testify” marinate long enough. From the frenetic energy of the album’s title track to the rolling soul of “Walk Through That Door”, Sky Hi has earned their spot in the pantheon
of the Southern Soul tradition. And yet it’s songs like “Do Not Want” with it’s quasi-reggae lean or “Fell Short” , which feels like it could fit in at any modern RnB station, that show Sky Hi isn’t afraid to step away from their idea of soul music and experiment with other genres. The band makes great use of an ever expanding palette of musical textures and songwriting dexterity. A four piece horn section roars over fluttering organ melodies while prodigious guitar licks nip around a rock steady rhythm section. And all of this is anchored by DeRobert “Dee” Adams powerful vocals,thereby making this band an unequivocal monster in the rhythm and blues department. For proof of this, listen to “Love Is Real”: a soulful power ballad of sorts that will floor you with it climactic crescendo.

Sky Hi - Testify [LP]

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