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The contents of this mini-refrigerator includes the final recorded output of Nashville's soul-jazz champions, the Coolin' System.  Recorded on Memorial Day 2012, this session represents the peak of a 7 piece band that lit up the catalog of G.E.D. Soul Records with their finely tuned straight to tape sessions.  The band members have all moved on to even greater things, and the session remained on the shelf until now!

Tackling classic deep-cut tunes by Horace Silver, Jimmy McGriff, Lou Donaldson, Cedar Walton, and many more, this record mixes fierce funk attack with movements that take the listener straight into outer space.  By the end of the classic Keith Mansfield tune, "Soul Thing," you will want to flip this record right back to Side A and start it all over again.


Fans of the tight-knit group of musicians will flock to this statement of well-oiled soul machinery,  And this little fridge filled with cooled out music will be well placed in any music lover's collection.

The Coolin' System - Refrigerate After Opening [LP]

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