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In November 2010, the Coolin' System booked three days at Poor Man's Studio which was newly-moved into a home in East Nashville, Tennessee. The goal was to record an album, jazz-style, live in the room (or rooms we should say). They did their best work feeding off each other in the moment. Each song was attempted one to three times straight to one inch tape and the result, based on the type of live band that they had become, was magic.

In Nashville at the time, they were the best-known local live act from the fresh-startup label, G.E.D. Soul and capturing that spirit was essential. The album cemented a business relationship between label-founders Nick DeVan and Dave Singleton and Coolin' System-band members David A. Guy and Pablo Ahogado. The four of them put their heads together, fund-raised and took risks to get these sessions and the Magic In Threes album pressed on 12" vinyl, the label's first full-length LP releases.

Dripping with a love for soul-jazz music of the late 60s and early 70s, the album is a testament to a different community of musicians in Nashville striving to expand on the title of Music City.  The band takes on tunes by Eddie Harris, Yusef Lateef, Funk Inc. and Stanley Turrentine. During the bands' tenure, these seven musicians took a master class together and elevated each others' abilities.


Pablo Ahogado-Fender Rhodes and Hammond Organ, James Bonomo-Drums, Joe D. Douglas- Tenor Saxophone and Flute, Sam Farkas-Guitar, David A. Guy-Fender Bass, Mikie Martel-Trumpet and Flugelhorn, Andy Wilmoth-Percussion


The Coolin' System - Self Titled [CD]

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